Plan de Pagos

Transitional AGIP Payment Plan

AGIP- New Transitory Payment Facilities Plan. Permanent Plan, application of obligations susceptible to regularization

Resolution MHFGC (CABA) 4323/2022 establishes a temporary payment plan and modifications to the permanent payment plan. Effective as of 9/15/2022.

Transitional Payment Plan:

A temporary payment plan is established between 9/15/2022 and 12/15/2022, both dates inclusive, in up to 6 equal, monthly and consecutive installments.

No interest will be added for financing, regardless of the legal nature of the taxpayer and/or taxpayer responsible for the tax.

Tax obligations in arrears whose expiration date was prior to 1/8/2022, all fines applied by the AGIP, as well as debts due to expiration of payment facility plans, whose expiration date was prior to 1/8/2022, may be included.

Permanent Payment Plan:

Debts due to expiration of payment facilitation plans may be regularized by means of this regime.

Also, the minimum amount of each installment is increased to $2,000, the interest rate is increased for individuals and legal entities, with a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 4%, depending on the number of installments to be financed.

For more information on MHGC Resolution (CABA) 4323/2022 click here.

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