Transfer Pricing

In the current economic context, businesses need to cross borders to develop, which generates the need for adaptation and knowledge of Transfer Pricing rules at a global level.

We have extensive experience advising multinational companies and organizations operating in Argentina, as well as in other countries, in all aspects of their transfer pricing management lifecycle: planning, implementation, compliance and controversy.

We were able to comply with legal regulations and with the new challenges of information transparency.

Our team has broad experience and commitment in the following areas:

A single contact person with global contact.

In each engagement, an expert transfer pricing professional is designated as the key contact, so that the client only needs to contact one person to discuss any transfer pricing issues. In this way we simplify the process on a large scale and ensure through our global network consistency of the criteria of each tax authority.

A comprehensive tailor-made service

Shall we start from scratch?

We help you to optimize and planning the relationship between the value chain and the profits of each company: financial analysis. Risk on detours. Market value.

Do you want to avoid

We analyze your company to understand and frame their operations according to market rules. Local file, Master file and Country by Country Report.

Do we take care of the

We prepare and review the contracts and documentary evidence formalizing intercompany transactions.

Are you in trouble?

We assist you from the audit process to the resolution of the dispute in litigation and in court.

Do we add value?

We apply techniques of financial evaluation of companies and advise on negotiations in mergers and acquisitions processes.

Shall we form your team?

We train your staff on transfer pricing and the risks associated with the company.

Leaders in Argentina

Julieta Firpo

Cecilia Goldemberg