Tax procedures – biometric data – update of amounts of different information regimes.

Registration of biometric data of individuals

By means of RG (AFIP) 5218/2022, the term to exempt taxpayers from the obligation to register their biometric data before AFIP offices is extended until August 31, 2022 inclusive, in order to carry out digital transactions where such registration is a requirement.

For more information on General Resolution 5218/2022 click here.

Procedure- Updating of amounts corresponding to different information, withholding and collection systems

By means of RG No. 5220/2022, the Federal Administration of Public Revenues updates the minimum amounts of different withholding and collection systems, the deductible amount of bad debts in the case of credits of little significance and the minimum amount of some information systems, as from July 1, 2022.

Among the most important are the following:

  • Payment systems with credit cards, purchase and/or payment cards: No withholding of value added tax or income tax shall be made. when the amount to be withheld is equal to or less than $ 900.
  • Transactions paid with Grains and Pulses: VAT will be levied only when the amount of the transaction exceeds $ 2,000.
  • Flour Tax Guide for users of the wheat milling service: The amount by which 60% of the kilograms of wheat entering the plant in each milling operation must be multiplied by $ 1 (one peso) in order to determine the amount of the payment on account to be paid by users of the Wheat Milling Service is replaced by $ 1 (one peso).
  • Uncollectible receivables of little significance: The new amount deductible in income tax for credits of little significance is less than or equal to $ 140,000.
  • Real Estate Transfer Offer Code: The taxpayer must process the COTI when the sale price or the fiscal value of the property in the real estate tax is equal to or greater than $ 5,000,000.
  • Countries, Private Neighborhoods, Horizontal Property Buildings: The amount from which expenses must be reported is increased to $ 32,000.

These provisions are mandatory as of July 1, 2022.

For more information on General Resolution 5220/2022 click here.