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Tax Procedure AFIP Interest Rate Adjustment – Registration of Biometric Data

Ministry of Economy – Adjustment of compensatory and punitive interest applicable as from 9/1/2022

The Ministry of Economy adjusts the interest rates to the current economic conditions leaving without effect the automatic update schemes provided for in the current regulations.

The following are the rates applicable as of 1/9/2022:

  • Compensatory interest: 5.91 % per month.
  • Penalty interest: 7.37% per month.
  • Interest applicable to the repetition of taxes and to cases of refund, reimbursement or compensation of taxes: 3.84% per month.

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AFIP – Exemption from biometric data registration until 9/30/2022

The exemption of taxpayers and responsible parties from the obligation to register biometric data before the administration offices was again extended until 30/9/2022.

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