Tax incentive regime for capital goods until 12/31/2027

Reinstatement of the tax incentive regime for capital goods, information technology and telecommunications, and creation of the Registry of Beneficiaries and Products.

The aforementioned regime applicable to legal entities that manufacture certain capital goods and have an industrial establishment located in the national territory (Decree 379/2001) is reestablished until December 31, 2027, inclusive.

The benefits of this regime include the possibility of requesting tax credit bonds for the payment of Income Tax, Value Added Tax and Internal Revenue Tax, as well as the possibility of benefiting from reductions in employer contributions.

Thus, the “Registry of Beneficiaries and Products of the Incentive Regime for Manufacturers of Capital Goods” is created, to which the subjects must apply for registration in order to have access to the benefits provided for.

According to the regulation, the requirements to be complied with for the registration in the above mentioned Registry are established, as well as the detail of the assets included. The enforcement authority shall establish the requirements and conditions that the subjects must observe to access and remain in the Register.

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