Wealth Management

Through the investment of their family wealth, individuals are not only looking for a reasonable return, but also that their current and future economic and family needs and objectives are taken into account.

Assets and their results are affected by various taxes, both globally and locally, so it is essential to analyze the alternatives that could be presented to mitigate or defer the possible tax impact.

Our service consists, on the one hand, in planning the tax effects originated by the different investment options, either by the location of the source that produces them or by the nature of the type of investment, identifying, among other aspects, economy options, legal benefits, tax credits and tax impact deferrals.
On the other hand, we also provide advice and perform all the tasks aimed at achieving compliance with the tax obligations derived from the holding of such assets and the results obtained.

The services are provided through a team of professionals specially trained to interact directly with each of the clients, attending to all their queries and requirements, with the objective of fully satisfying their concerns and requests through a service of excellence and quality.

To such end, we offer:

  • Tax planning of investments, aimed at mitigating tax costs, tax deferral, computation of tax credits, among other aspects.
  • Planning, advising and implementation of autonomous patrimonial vehicles both abroad (trusts, companies, etc.) and locally.
  • Planning, advising and implementation of efficient corporate structures in certain jurisdictions.
  • Advice on tax residency in Argentina and Uruguay.
  • Projection and determination of income and personal property taxes.
  • Projection and calculation of tax advances and analysis of their possible reduction.

Leader in Argentina

Gabriela Clerc