Tax Controversies

The complexity of the tax system requires the support of specialists who can design the appropriate strategy to deal with tax claims.

The coordinated vision of our professionals in economic sciences and law provides the most comprehensive approach to the matter under discussion, so that no aspect of the facts and their corresponding verification is left without the most punctilious dedication and, likewise, so that all interpretative and procedural issues can be explored in defense of the taxpayer.

We support the defense from the very beginning of a tax audit, going through all the administrative and judicial stages, up to the highest stage, before the Supreme Court of Justice.

To such end, we offer:

  • Attention and strategic assistance in tax inspections.
  • Definition of defensive strategies.
  • Defenses in assessment proceedings and tax claims at national, provincial and municipal administrative levels.
  • Representation and representation before tax courts, national and provincial Judiciary.
  • Specialized expert opinions.
  • Procedures and formalities before national, provincial and municipal tax collection agencies.
  • Tax refund and reimbursement actions
  • Preparation and Negotiation of Mutual Agreement Procedures
  • Criminal tax assistance.

Leaders in Argentina

Francisco Peris

Luis María Flores Giménez