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Andersen Legal

International Trade and Custom Law

We provide advice to local and international companies in its relationship with the Argentine Customs Service analyzing the in-force regulations and possible contingencies.

We represent firms in customs procedures in any custom of the country, before the Tax Court (Tribunal Fiscal de la Nación), the Federal Court and the Supreme Court.

We work on the interpretation and implementation of trade agreements and arrangements, and we also advice on the impact on business of the relevant multilateral agreements: World Trade Organization (WTO), Mercosur Treaty, bilateral treaties in ALADI, etc.

We work on strategic planning of the company’s foreign trade operations and internal audit review of their foreign trade documents and procedures.


  • Anti-dumping proceedings
  • Customs procedures, classification and customs value
  • Rules of Origin and Tariff Preferences
  • Quantitative quotas and restrictions
  • Import licenses and import licensing procedures
  • Temporary import and export regime
  • Customs and disciplinary infractions
  • Export refunds

Andersen, is the Argentinian member firm of Andersen Global®,

an international association of member firms

comprised of tax and legal professionals worldwide.