Labor Law and Social Security

Andersen has lawyers with extensive experience in general labor matters, restructuring planning, collective bargaining agreements and negotiations with unions and governments.

To such end, we offer:

  • Contentious labor matters and dispute resolution.
  • Interventions in due diligences.
  • Negotiations with labor unions in the event of strikes and industrial action.
  • Advice on workforce restructuring and reengineering.
  • Representation of companies before the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of the Nation and its regional delegations.
  • Advice on situations involving individual employees and on general compliance with local and foreign labor laws.
  • Assistance in collective labor disputes.
  • Advice on negotiations of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Representation of companies in chambers of commerce.
  • Participation in the design of transparency policies compatible with the implementation of a compliance program.
  • Advice and active intervention in investigation proceedings for fraud or actions contrary to the Company’s interests.

Leader in Argentina

Juan Astibia