Tax Outsourcing

The AFIP and the provincial and municipal tax administrations closely monitor the level of tax compliance, which is extremely complex, not only in terms of compliance with taxpayer obligations but also with the multiple responsibilities of companies in their capacity as withholding or collection agents, to which must be added the multiple obligations of informative registration.

At Andersen we take charge of the tasks of preparation of affidavits and compliance that correspond to the company, freeing it from organizing and sustaining an internal structure for such purpose. We have a team with great experience and technological resources to obtain an efficient product.

Namely, our service covers preparation of:

  • Affidavits for VAT, gross income tax, municipal taxes and other obligations.
  • Affidavits of withholding and collection agents.
  • Calculation of withholdings and perceptions to be made.
  • Accounting entries for the recording of affidavits.
  • Requests for exemption or reduction of withholdings/perceptions.
  • Informative affidavits.

Leader in Argentina

Félix José Rolando