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Félix José Rolando


Felix Rolando was previously an advisor for the Ministry of Economy of the Nation Cabinet. He is an active member of the advisor committee of taxation at the AFIP in the representation of the Graduate School at the Science Economics in CABA. He is also a member of the Taxation Studies Commission at the same entity.

He has vast experience in national and international tax planning, with a special focus on their impact on different business enterprises as well as development tax planning.

He was the editor of various articles on taxation issues, and co-author of books, including Sociedades de Hecho y Empresas Unipersonales published by La Ley in 2012 and Introducción al Regimen Tributario Argentino published by Errepar in 2010.

He was an expositor for the Professional Board of Economic Science in the City of Buenos Aires (CPCECABA) and the Country of Buenos Aires, and currently is an expositor for the graduate school at the Science Economics of Capital Federal.

He lectures on postgraduate courses on taxation issues at the Economic Science University of Buenos Aires and UADE.


Buenos Aires



+ 54 11 6091 4665


  • University of Buenos Aires, Bachelor’s Degree (Tax)


  • Federal Administration of Public Income (AFIP)
  • Science Economics of Capital Federal


  • International Taxation
  • Direct and Indirect National Taxes
  • Tax Planning