Payment on account of income tax to legal entities with extraordinary revenues

AFIP – One-time payment on account of income tax on extraordinary income

The AFIP establishes a one-time payment on account of income tax for the subjects of article 73 of the law (companies, trusts, etc.).

What are the parameters to be considered in order to be covered?
  • The amount of the Assessed Tax of the tax return corresponding to the tax period 2021 or 2022, as applicable, is equal to or exceeds $ 100 million; or
  • the amount of the Tax Result arising from the tax return for the tax period 2021 or 2022, without deduction of tax losses from previous years, is equal to or greater than $ 300 million.

Legal entities that have obtained an income tax exemption certificate are excluded.

For the purposes of applying the parameters detailed above, the tax returns must be considered according to the closing of the fiscal years:

Year-end between the months ofFiscal Period to be considered
August and December 20212021
January and July 20222022
How is this payment on account determined?

Taxpayers for which the amount determined for the tax period immediately prior to the one to which the payment on account shall be allocated is higher than $ 0.00: 25% of such amount.

2. Other taxpayers: 15% of the taxable income of the tax period immediately preceding the period to which the payment on account is to be made, without applying the deduction of tax losses of previous years in accordance with the tax law.

How is this payment on account made?

It shall be paid in 3 equal and consecutive installments, using Tax Code 10 -Item 183 -Subitem 183, and the corresponding number shall be entered as the corresponding installment, as detailed below:

Year-end closingDue Date Installments N° 1, 2 and 3
August to December 2021October 22/November/December 22, 2022, respectively
January 2022November 22/December 22, 2022 and January 2023, respectively
February 2022December 22, 2022 and January/February 2023, respectively
March 2022January 22/January/February/March 2023, respectively
April 2022February 22/March/April 22, 2023, respectively
May 2022March 22/April/May 2023, respectively
June 2022April 22/May/June 22, 2023, respectively
July 2022May 22/June/July 22, 2023, respectively

The offsetting mechanism is not applicable for the cancellation of this payment on account.

Likewise, in those cases in which taxpayers choose to practice the reduction of advance payments, they will not be able to consider the payment on account in the estimate that they practice.

For more information on the payment on account of Income Tax to Legal Entities with extraordinary income read RG 5248/2022 click here.

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