New SIRA – SIRASE Records

Changes in the Import System from SIMI to SIRA. Replacement of the current SIMPES with SIRASE.

Through Joint General Resolution 5271/2022 (AFIP – Secretariat of Commerce), in order to strengthen preventive control actions, follow-up and monitoring of the foreign trade operations involved, the current SIMI is replaced by the SIRA (Import System of the Argentine Republic (SIRA). applicable to importers, registered in the Special Customs Records

Given the close relationship with SIMPES (Integral Monitoring System of Foreign Payments of Services), it is also being adapted and replaced by SIRASE (System of Imports of the Argentine Republic and Foreign Payments of Services).

A Single Foreign Trade Current Account is created in which all entities authorized to operate in the Free Foreign Exchange Market by the BCRA must register the amount in pesos of the total amount of each of the foreign exchange transactions related to import operations, at the time the transaction is carried out.

The procedures are established and the rules regarding the corresponding affidavits in the respective services, authorizations and payment authorizations are adapted.

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