Monotributo 2023: Learn about the new scales and values as from January.

The Government informed the new scales for the Monotax that will be in force as from January 1, 2023. The adjustment was 33.58%, which leads to the category A at a maximum gross annual turnover value of 999,657, while category B will have an annual income ceiling of $1,485,976 pesos as from January. On the other hand, category K, the top of the scale, will have an income ceiling of $8,040,721 per year.

– Taxpayers will have time until January 20 to recategorize.

– Those single taxpayers who maintain the same category will not be required to take any action. On the other hand, if less than 6 months have elapsed since the registration with the single taxpayer, it is not necessary to recategorize.

– The single tax credit will be maintained for the lowest categories with no extra income.


Category A: from the current $ 748,382 to $ 999,657 per year or $ 83,305 per month .

Category B: from the current $ 1,112,459 to $ 1,485,976 per year or $ 123,831 per month.

Category C: from the current $ 1,557,443 to $ 2,080,367 per year or $ 173,363 per month.

Category D: from the current $ 1,934,273.04 to $ 2,583,720 per year or $ 215,310 per month.

Category E: from the current $ 2,277,684 to $ 3,042,435 per year or $ 253,536 per month.

Category F: from the current $ 2,847,105 to $ 3,803,043 per year or $ 316,920 per month.

Category G: from the current $ 3,416,526 to $ 4,563,652 per year or $ 380,304 per month.

Category H: from the current $ 4,229,985 to $ 5,650,236 per year or $ 470,853 per month.

Category I: from the current $ 4,734,330 to $ 6,323,918 per year or $ 526,993 per month.

Category J: from the current $ 5,425,770 to $ 7,247,514 per year or $ 603,959 per month.

Category K: from the current $ 6,019,594 to $ 8,040,721 per year or $ 670,060 per month.

The head of AFIP, Carlos CastagnetoThe update of gross income tax values has a progressive character since lower income categories will be able to bill 100% more than a year agoThis increase is above the increase in prices during the same period.

For any questions related to the new parameters applied to the Monotributo 2023, please contact:

Maria Jose Ermocida
Tax Manager