Blanqueo de capitales

Money laundering for construction projects

Law 27,679 Incentive to Argentine Investment, Construction and Production extends for 360 calendar days the laundering of capital.

The terms related to the laundering of capital for those who invest in construction projects (Title II of Law 27.613) are reestablished for a term of 360 days as from 08/22/2022.

The excise tax shall be determined on the value of the tenure declared, expressed in local currency at the time of entry into the special account, according to the following rates:

  1. Deposits made from 08/22/2022 and up to and including the expiration of 90 calendar days, both dates: 5%;
  2. Deposited from the day following the expiration of the term of paragraph 1) and up to the expiration of 90 calendar days, both dates inclusive: 10%;
  3. Deposited from the day following the expiration of the term of item 2) and up to 180 calendar days, both dates inclusive: 20%.

Likewise, the “Employment Bridge – Transformation of Social Security Plans, Programs and Benefits into Quality Formal Work” is created by means of which the holders of national social and employment programs in force who are hired within the framework of the Incentive Regime for the Argentine Federal Construction and Access to Housing, Law 27,613, and who comply with the training and training courses established, may continue to receive the benefits and benefits granted by such programs.

International taxation

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The AFIP and the BCRA shall regulate the present law within 15 calendar days and shall issue the complementary and interpretative regulations necessary to implement the conditions set forth in the present law.

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