About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing solutions and support to companies and individuals in all tax and legal matters.
Andersen in Argentina is a firm of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the Argentine market providing tax and legal advice to important companies in various industries, guaranteeing efficient solutions at national and international level. On the occasion of joining Andersen Global, we consolidated the union of two consulting firms: Goldemberg, Saladino, Rolando, Clerc, made up of economic science professionals with a marked profile in tax advice, and Modo Law, made up of very experienced lawyers in tax litigation, M&A and other legal disciplines.

Our Team

Our professionals have multiple competencies and a strong commitment to quality, which is our organization’s greatest asset.

Our Services

We are a full service legal, tax and BPO Firm committed to assisting our clients in their business strategies.

Global reach

With presence in 324 locations worldwide 150 countries and offices located in 300 cities, Andersen is a leading global firm.

One Firm

We are building Andersen Global to create an enduring place – ONE FIRM where clients across the globe are afforded the best, most comprehensive tax and legal services provided by skilled staff with the highest standards.

Shared Values

Each and every one of the professionals and member firms that are a part of Andersen Global share our core values ensuring the delivery of best-in-class service in a seamless and consistent manner worldwide.

Customer services

Our professionals share a common background and vision and are selected based on quality, like-mindedness, and commitment to client service. Outstanding client service has and will continue to be our top priority.