Key dates for the next Winter Fair 2023

AFIP established that this year’s winter tax fair will be from July 17 to July 28, both dates inclusive.
The tax fair implies the extension of all procedural deadlines in tax, customs and social security matters. During the tax fair, the computation of the deadlines for taxpayers to respond to the requirements of the agency is suspended.

Here are the Administrative and Judicial Fairs that you should take into account during July:

Jurisdiction/agency Fair period Resolution providing for the fair
Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP)17/07/23 a 28/07/23General Resolution No. 5375/2023
Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA)17/07/23 a 21/07/23Normative Resolution Nº 21/2016
Governmental Agency of Public Revenues (AGIP)17/07/23 a 21/07/23Resolution Nº 59/DGR/2006
General Directorate of Taxes of Tucumán10/07/23 a 23/07/23Decree Nº 2309/3 (ME) -2023
Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation17/07/23 a 28/07/23Agreement No. 17/2023
Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires17/07/23 a 28/07/23Agreement No. 4104/2023
Justice of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires17/07/23 a 28/07/23Resolution No. 14/2023
Tax Court of the Nation17/07/23 a 28/07/23Resolution No. 91/2023
Tax Court of Appeals of the Province of Buenos Aires17/07/23 a 21/07/23Extraordinary Resolution No. 103/2023
For any questions, please contact:
Francisco Peris
Legal Manager