Income Taxes – Personal Assets and Shares and Stockholdings – PBA Adhesion to the Regime for the Promotion of the Knowledge Economy

EARNINGS – The amount of gross salary from which income tax must be withheld for dependent employees, retirees and pensioners is increased.

By means of Decree 298/2022, amendments to the Income Tax Law are established in relation to the amount of remunerations and/or gross monthly assets earned by employees under a relationship of dependency, retirees and pensioners, in order to apply the S.A.C. exemption and the increased special deduction. The modifications include the following:

  • The amount of Ps. 280,792 corresponding to the monthly gross remuneration and/or assets is established to establish the non-taxation threshold, since taxpayers who do not exceed the indicated amount must add to the special deduction an increase up to an amount equivalent to the amount resulting from subtracting the net income the deductions established in the Law, so that no tax is withheld in such month.
  • AFIP will establish the amount to be deducted additionally for salaries and/or monthly gross assets between $280,792.- and 324,182.-.
  • Exemption from payment of the Supplementary Annual Salary for workers whose gross salary or gross assets do not exceed Ps. 280,792.

These amendments are applicable as of 06/01/2022.

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Personal Property – Stocks and Shares. Extension

Through General Resolution (AFIP) No. 5,203, an extension is established for the filing and payment of the personal property tax return on shares and/or participations, corresponding to the 2021 tax period. The new expiration dates are listed below:

Likewise, version 5 of the application Personal Assets – Corporate Shares and Interests is approved.

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Buenos Aires. Adhesion to the Regime for the Promotion of the Knowledge Economy

By means of Law No. 15,339, the Province of Buenos Aires adheres to the Regime for the Promotion of the Knowledge Economy, created at the national level. It establishes the exemption from the gross income tax for Micro, Small, Medium and Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Large companies that are registered in this regime.

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