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IDEA 2022 Annual Tax Meeting

IDEA Tax Event

IDEA 2022 Taxes: The tax system as a development opportunity.

We were present at the last IDEA 2022 Annual Tax Meeting.

Our firm participated as a gold sponsor of the event that brought together specialists and referents to address the main current tax topics in the local and international order.

During the conference, Francisco PerisAndersen’s Legal Department Manager in Argentina, participated in a round table on “Provincial taxation under debate” where he analyzed the deviations in provincial taxation with respect to the framework provided by the Co-participation Law and shared his view on the tax system as an opportunity for the development of our country.

About the event

More than 250 professionals addressed the main current tax topics based on three premises:

  • the analysis of the main international trends, the transformation of tax areas in the world in view of the development of digital business, the projections and challenges of the use of technology in our daily processes and the importance of moving towards sustainable business management.
  • the review of local regulations from the taxpayer’s point of view and the current jurisprudence, considering the opportunities to move towards tax simplification and build a tax scheme that generates predictability and enhances Argentina’s development opportunities.
  • the identification of the central points of corporate tax management, based on an interdisciplinary view of the role of professionals in organizations and the relevance of strategic tax planning in inflationary contexts.

Relive the event

Here is a brief video summary of the IDEA 2022 Tax Event : The Tax System as a Development Opportunity.