Gross income: Entre Ríos and Jujuy. Collection, withholding and collection system

Entre Ríos. Gross Income Tax Collection Regime on bank credits

Certain exclusions are incorporated to the Collection Regime, to the regime on bank credits applicable to local taxpayers and to the Multilateral Agreement Regime.

In addition, certain exclusions are detailed in relation to operations carried out until June 30, 2022 with automatic semi-annual renewal.

> For more information on Resolution No. 33 ATER click here.

Jujuy. General and specific regimes for withholding and collection of gross income tax

Among the main modifications are the following:

  • The minimum amount subject to IIBB withholding is increased from three thousand pesos ($ 3,000) to five thousand pesos ($ 5,000). The minimum established shall not apply to the particular regimes established in the nomenclature.
  • The nomenclature of special regimes and special rates is updated.

The aforementioned amendments are applicable as of May 1, 2022.

> For more information on General Resolution No. 1618/2022 Jujuy click here.

AFIP – Dependent employees, retirees and actors. Today is the deadline for reporting deductions for the 2021 Period

We remind you that today is the deadline for reporting deductions through the filing of form 572 web, using AFIP’s “SIRADIG – Worker” service.