Fintech: marco regulatorio en América Latina

Fintech: regulatory framework in Latin America


In recent years Latin America has become an important region for the development of Fintech at a global level, with the entry of the Brazilian company Nubank to the Stock Exchange as one of the most relevant milestones for the sector. This development in Brazil was the spearhead of the boom in the region, where new markets such as Mexico and Colombia already have several companies that have achieved Unicorn status. The phenomenon presents Latin America as a fertile territory for entities that offer financial products and services using information and communication technologies, as well as for those that act as intermediaries in transfers, loans, and the purchase and sale of financial services, especially considering the limited competition in the market..

However, access to new financial operations and new markets through innovative or disruptive technologies does not come without risk. There may be greater vulnerability due to the nature of or dependence on technology, innovation or flexibility in supply or business models, or even greater regulation. From a tax perspective, in these new structures, models and transactions, difficulties may arise in applying those provisions that were created from traditional business models.

Due to the relevance that this market has and will have in the coming years, we share this report that provides an overview of the regulatory and tax framework in force in the different countries of Latin America, as well as the future prospects that should be considered by the participants of the sector in view of the constant evolution of the legal framework in our region.

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