ARBA extends the term of adhesion to the Payment Facility Schemes in force – Increase in fixed value of ART (Fund for specific purposes)

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ARBA Payment Facilities Regime. Extension of foster care

ARBA extends the term of adhesion to the current payment facilities regimes for the regularization of debts owed by collection agents and their jointly and severally liable parties, arising from withholdings and perceptions not made, not made and not paid or paid lateand stamp taxes, as well as for the payment of the gross income taxes, basic real estate and motor vehiclesdue or accrued between January 1, 2021 and August 31, 2021, which are not under audit, determination or administrative discussion, nor in judicial enforcement proceedings and which have been subject to difficulties by COVID-19

It also extends the regularization of debts arising from real estate and motor vehicle taxes -with respect to motor vehicles and sport or recreational boats-, due during 2020.

The new eligibility period established for these plans is until December 31, 2021.

> For more information on Resolution 36/2021 click here.


Labor Risks, quarterly update of the fixed amount for the FFEP

The Superintendence of Labor Risks establishes at $49.98 the fixed amount to be paid by each worker together with the ART (Fund for Specific Purposes) contribution to the Occupational Diseases Trust Fund (Fondo Fiduciario de Enfermedades Profesionales – FFEP).

The new amount determined will be paid as from November 2021 and must be included in the social security affidavit (F931) for the accrual of October.

> For more information on Provision 2/2021 click here.