AFIP – Modifications to the system of information on motor vehicle sales transactions

The amounts for motor vehicle sales transactions covered by the information system are increased.

On May 1, 2022, the values from which used motor vehicle sales transactions are subject to the information regime established by RG 2032 (AFIP) will increase.

Among the main modifications are the following:

  • The amount for vehicles is increased from two hundred thousand pesos ($ 200,000) to six hundred thousand pesos ($ 600,000).
  • The amount for motorcycles is increased from eighty thousand pesos ($ 80,000) to two hundred and forty thousand pesos ($ 240,000).
  • It is increased from eight hundred thousand pesos ($ 800,000) to two million four hundred thousand pesos ($ 2,400,000) for those obliged to obtain the Certificate of Transfer of Motor Vehicles (CETA).
  • The annual updating of the amounts based on the variation of the CPI of the previous year is no longer in effect.

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