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AFIP – Extension to September 30 for Income Tax, Personal Property and Permanent Payment Plans

Extension of Income Tax Payment: AFIP – Extension to September 30 in the payment plans of income, personal property or permanent payment plan.

By means of General Resolution 5243/2022, the AFIP extended to 9/30/2022 the deadline for the cancellation of income tax and personal property tax obligations (RG 4057-AFIP). The agency also extended for two months the benefits of the Permanent Payment Plans (RG 4268-AFIP).

Mini-plan for Income Tax and Personal Property Payments

Taxpayers may pay income tax and, if applicable, personal property tax obligations in up to three installments and with a payment on account of 25%. The categories of the Risk Profile System (SIPER) of the taxpayers at the time of their adhesion will not be considered.

This benefit reaches taxpayers included in categories A, B, C or D and excludes those who are categorized as “very high risk”, category E.

Permanent payment plans

Finally, the number of eligible payment plans is extended, as well as the number of installments and the interest rate applicable to the permanent payment plans. The maximum is 8 installments and 6 plans per person.

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