AFIP – Extension for the filing and payment of tax returns corresponding to tax period 2021

The deadline for the filing of tax returns and their payment is extended for Income Tax, Cedular Tax and Personal Property Tax corresponding to the 2021 tax period.

By virtue of the precautionary measure issued by the Federal Court with respect to the suspension of the maturities established in General Resolution No. 5,192 that operated during the month of June 2022, the AFIP, through General Resolution No. 5229/2022, established a special term for the subjects included in the lawsuit to comply with the tax obligations corresponding to Income Tax, Cedular and Personal Property Tax corresponding to the tax period 2021, as indicated below:

Said special term shall be applicable to professionals registered in different Professional Councils of Economic Sciences of jurisdictions throughout the country, who act as representatives of clients who have formally delegated to them the access to the services of this Federal Administration, as well as those who perform their professional work in the form of tax advice.

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