4 keys to the energy sector in Argentina

According to the Andersen LATAM Corporate Insights analysis, Argentina stands out as a country with immense energy potential. Below, we share four key facts that provide a complete picture of the country‘s energy sector.

1- The Vaca Muerta shale basin is one of the largest unconventional oil and gas reserves in the world: this gives the country advantages in the oil and gas markets, positioning it as a key player in the global energy industry.

2- Argentina could become the world’s second largest lithium reserve and fourth largest lithium producer: in the midst of the energy transition global, where demand for gas and lithium is expected to increase, the country is in a strategic position to increase its production and exports in these sectors.

3- It also has the potential to become a producer of green hydrogen and other sustainable alternatives: in addition to the energy potential, Argentina could become a leading producer of electric power based on the use of renewable energy sources, which would contribute to a more sustainable energy matrix.

4- The country’s positive trend is enhanced by tax incentives: if certain requirements are met, the results of M&A transactions are exempt from income tax in Argentina. In addition, they are not subject to Value Added Tax, Gross Income Tax or Stamp Tax, which creates a favorable environment for investment and economic growth.

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